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It’s Time to Embrace the Digital Age

Throughout the years of Ultima Final Fantasy, and now the year of Nude Clan, whenever the subject of Physical vs. Digital in media came around, I would always side with the physical. There’s something about wanting to hold the physical object that you bought in your hands, flipping...
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“Melodies of Life” Cover by “Megadeth”

This is the sequel to the “Eyes on Me” cover that was such a hit with our listeners (although admittedly not much of a hit with Reddit users). I worked much harder to get this one up. It took many months to finish it, and there were lots...
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“Eyes on Me” cover by “Megadeth”

Given the fact that it takes Metallica like 12 years to make an album, starting in 2014 I began borrowing the rival band Megadeth’s CD’s from my friend and UFF co-host, Kaleb Schweiss. It took some warming up, but after going through “Countdown to Extinction” and “Rust in...
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