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Building [Nude]Clan: Streaming Checklists

I’ve had a couple of really good weeks since the last time I gave an update, and a couple not-so-good ones as well. I got a few key things done for the Podcasts, and a lot of good stuff has happened as far as my moviemaking life is concerned as well.

Let’s go through it piece by piece, shall we?

Health and Fitness

Damn all the eating holidays for being so close to each other, and damn my rapidly expanding family with the birthdays every two weeks! I ballooned up from 225 to 240 from December to

March. After I passed that 240 thresholds though, I had enough of an emotional breakdown to turn the ship around and cut all the blasted carbs again. I haven’t had an issue in two weeks. I just gotta keep the momentum up. I’ve been hovering between 236 and 240, and I think I’ve been retaining some water, but I’ll give a weight update next time.

On top of eating better, I have finally come up with a workout routine that I can do at home without a bunch of weights. I noticed about a year ago that my driving jobs had given me some terrible posture, and in order to correct it, I knew I had to work out my shoulders and back. I’d been walking, and doing FedEx, so that helps a bit, but about a month ago I finally bought one of those pull-up bars, as well as a resistance band, and stole a handtowel. These items are now my at-home gym. I did some research and came up with a weekly routine, and I’ve been on it for about two weeks:

Workout A: M/F (All are 5×5)
Negative Pull-ups (I can do like half a real pull up right now, don’t make fun of me)
Neck Corrector (you roll a towel behind your neck then push your head back and forth to correct the muscles in the neck)
Posture Corrector (you stand against a wall with your feet, butt, shoulders, and head against the wall. Then, in thirty-second intervals you push your chin down and try to press your neck against the wall that way)
Resistance Band Deadlift
30 Minute Walk

Workout B: W/F (All are 5×5)
Resistance Band Squats
30 Minute Walk

Movie Projects

Immanuel’s Song: There will be a post on this soon, but my friend William Rowan’s short “The Villa” just won the Audience Choice award at a pretty big local festival. The day after, he put the damn thing up on YouTube. After talking it over with my team, we’ve decided to do the same thing. But, first thing’s first: Immanuel’s Song is now part of the Utah Film Festival’s Official Selection and has been nominated in 3 categories: Best Film with a Budget of less than $5000, Best Supporting Actor, Ryan Templeman, and Best Cinematography, Parker Peterson. This is big, awesome news, and after the fest ends on the 7th of April, we’ll be putting out the short for free on YouTube and calling it a day.

The 13th Cross: Because I share way too much about my personal life on the podcast, it won’t come as a surprise that I’ve written another script that I want to make. This is the third time I’ve said this on the Podcast. The first time was in 2014 I think when I wrote a story called “Ruth”, and last year when I wrote “Lazy Boy”. It’s a genuine personality flaw of mine, trying to move forward on a project before it was ready to go. Both Ruth and Lazy Boy were weak scripts that needed a lot of rewriting before they would be ready. For Ruth, I just wasn’t experienced enough with writing to whip it into shape. For Lazy Boy, there was a huge logical issue with the idea itself that I could write out of. On top of that, it was also very messy and two of my friends actively hated it, so I was quite a bit discouraged.

I figured I’ve got to work on my tuning fork for whether or not something of mine is landing when it comes to a script. The next idea I had (something that wasn’t a comedy like “Lazy Boy”, something much more serious and in the vein of “Immanuel’s Song”) I changed my approach to writing a bit. First, I wrote a VERY detailed outline. I’ve written now 6 screenplays, and I’ve done bullet points, two page, four-paragraph overviews, and I’ve forgone outlining altogether. This time though, I did the cards, the logline, the four-paragraph synopsis, and then sat myself down in front of the computer to write out the entire story in an overview sort of way. I ended up with a 23-page beast of an outline that I was able to send to four team members of mine to get feedback on BEFORE I started translating the outline into a screenplay.

Two weeks ago I finished the first draft. Parker, Immanuel’s Song cinematographer, was really positive about the script, and I’m waiting to hear from Kaleb Craig (my harshest critic), who I’ll Skype tomorrow, as well as my writing group, who I’ll Skype on Wednesday. Given the love of the outline from my team, and at least one person’s enthusiasm for making the movie, I think 13th Cross may be the one we go headlong into trying to get made. Not 100% sure, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. In any case, unlike Ruth and Lazy Boy, I both have the time and am willing to use that time to put a lot of effort into a second and third draft.

Financial Stuff

I had a close call last week and had overspent on games for the shows (thanks to Digimon and the Square Enix store), LUCKILY my Boss asked me to come in for a week at FedEx and I got a girthy paycheck that took care of the cash flow problem.

I may have more of these coming up though, there are two Final Fantasy fan events we totally need to travel to, and it’s gonna take almost all the funds to pay for those trips. I am volunteering to take the pay cut and try to finagle more time at FedEx to make up for it. I’m not worried too much about it, I just don’t wanna go back to full-time work for FedEx if I can avoid it.

The Album

This project may be dead. If so, doing this on my own might be next year’s goal.

The Godzilla Podcast

We’ve had not just one, but TWO Patreon Invites recorded. I think this leaves two people to invite onto the show, but Godzilla may be in a much better shape than the other shows very soon here. I’m excited.

My goal for The Godzilla Podcast was to do 24 episodes. Already we’re short. Princess from the Moon had a glitch that made it so we had to postpone the recording until this week, which I’m not happy about, but what are you gonna do? No more commentaries over streaming video. Lesson learned.

Ultima Final Fantasy

We should’ve had the weekly schedule since the beginning. It’s been great, really. Knowing what we’re gonna be doing episodes on, knowing how many weeks before a game is up and how many hours per week are gonna be needed to beat them. UFF had become a machine in that way.

Now, about that Megadeth Cover… I’m going to do all of the other things on the list below before doing the songs and the Patreon stuff. Mosty so I have no excuses nor any other choice as far as things that need to be done. Plus, having a musical two weeks where I get a whole bunch of stuff done sounds like a blast.

The biggest thing I did for UFF during the last month was a T-Shirt design that I’m pretty proud of. Soon enough, the UFF TeePublic Store will be linked on the website.


Most of my Nude Clan time was spent in-game in Digimon for the last two weeks, and the two weeks before that I was mostly doing writing, so Nude Clan went on the backburner for a little bit. This week though, I’m bringing back the old weekly checklist again, so stay tuned for next time’s update.

I did email Libsyn to see if we qualified for Libsyn Premium, so I’m waiting to hear back from that. If we do qualify, then we’re gonna be putting all of the other show’s backlogs onto the Premium

feed, so there’s no need to upload them all to Youtube. We’ll see how it goes. Temporarily though, I’ve stuck through all of the Youtube stuff on the checklist below.

I did create a streaming checklist that you should see on this post, but we haven’t utilized it, nor do I know if the guys want to use it, but if they do, it’s good to go. I just figure, if ever you watch the live version on YouTube, it might be nice to be able to fast forward to a game review or something.

Looking at my to-do list, it looks like my strategy is going to be the following: First, get all of the “image” things done, such as streaming screens, Twitch GIFs and waiting for videos. Second, to get all of the stores up and running. Third, make that Libsyn App. Forth, Get all the jingles and songs done. And Fifth, catch up on all other Patreon goals.

Here’s hoping it all goes well.

  • Godzilla Patreon Record-Keeping Update
    • Stickers
    • Invites
  • UFF Patreon Record-Keeping Update
    • Stickers
    • Dedication
    • Mugs
    • Invites (at least, up until February 2018)
  • Twitch GIFs
  • Switch all Paypal links to Geekdom
  • Switch Skype
  • Get a Gamecube
  • Get an XBox 1
  • Get a second SM58 for Interviews at home
    • Figure out how to record on skype at home
  • Get a Zoom H1 for Godzilla/Home recording
  • Record Nude Clan Jingles:
    • What has everyone been playing?
    • News
    • Episode Feedback
    • Game Review
    • Movie Review
    • Getting PHAT
  • Record Patreon-owed songs:
    • Troy Cavernah
  • Create Professional-looking streaming screens
    • Joe
    • Kaleb C
    • Kaleb S
  • Create “Waiting for” videos
    • Kaleb C
  • Upload ALL Episodes to Youtube (strikethrough for now)
    • Nude Clan
      • Organize Playlists
    • UFF
      • Organize Playlists
    • Godzilla
      • Organize Playlists
    • Dave Mustaine’s Metal Minute
      • Organize Playlists
    • Puff Puff Hour
      • Organize Playlists
    • Getting PHAT
      • Organize Playlists
    • Make Super Playlist for all of Geekdom Entertainment
  • Libsyn App:
    • Make an Android Developer Account
    • Create Artwork for Libsyn App
  • Investigate Youtube Red Requirements
  • Read Web Marketing Book
  • Teepublic stores:
    • Create UFF Store
      • 1
      • 2
      • Upload Artwork
    • Create Godzilla Store
      • Get Artwork for at least 2 T-Shirt Designs
        • 1
        • 2
        • Upload Artwork
    • Create Puff Puff Store
      • Get Artwork for at least 2 T-Shirt Designs
        • 1
        • 2
      • Upload Artwork
  • Website Changes:
    • Create duplicate tabs to pop up when hovering over categories
    • Link for Hog ib
  • Get Puff Puff guys to make a Patreon
    • Set up other ways to support Puff Puff
      • Amazon
      • Paypal
  • Learn how to make an RSS feed using media on the site
  • Update 2017 Hog Leaderboard
  • Update 2016 Game List
  • Update 2017 Game List
  • Look into creating a geekdom wikia or game score list on the site
  • Create an Episode Schedule Checklist
    • Create an Episode Schedule Checklist Graphic for streams
  • Record UFF Megadeth Cover
    • Drums
    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Vocals
    • Lead

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