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The Villa: Complimentary Mints

This is my friend William’s TV Pilot that he made as a senior project for graduation from film school. If you look at the credits, you’ll see that I’m credited as “Red-Haired Sleeping Man” and as a Script Consultant. Which means I didn’t do much. I read the script (which was excellent), gave him like two notes, then showed up to help with the shoot, and ended up falling asleep on a couch while I was waiting. Quick-thinking William went ahead and let me sleep while they filmed, and if you look close, you should be able to spot me.

I love this short. When I was making a bunch of Blu-rays for Immanuel’s Song, I put the Villa on the first one I made as a demo disc so that when Immanuel’s Song was shown to the cast and crew for a little private premiere at Paige Cabanilla’s place, we watched The Villa first. I didn’t even do much on this thing, and I made my parents watch it, so you can see how much I love it.

Here’s the excellent news: The Villa WON the LDS Film Festival, which is a pretty big gathering of local Utah filmmakers, and I could not be more proud of my friend William’s achievement. Knowing all of the behind the scenes drama behind making it, it’s kind of a miracle that it got finished, and even more of a miracle that when it was finished, it was something special.

Mr. William Rowan Jr. was kind enough to let me post the short on my blog, so here it is! Enjoy!

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