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Building [Nude]Clan: People Think I Don’t Like Doing the Shows?

My new schedule of working on film stuff 4 days out of the week and working on podcast stuff 3 days out of the week has proven to be very successful…. For the film stuff.

One issue is that Saturday seems to be a sudden want for my attention. For the last three Saturdays I’ve had something come up, and the amount of time I set aside for Nude Clan (Saturday became Nude Clan day), has shrunk. This week should be different, but that being said, Nude Clan basically went a week without social media, and two weeks without a large amount of progress in the to-do-list at the bottom of this post.

That does not mean, however, that no progress was made. Just that most of the progress since the last post has been elsewhere…


Movie Projects

Immanuel’s Song: This week I made a Createspace profile to self-distribute DVD versions of the movie on Amazon, as well as make it available digitally for Amazon Prime members. Anyway, I came to a snag in the process tax-wise, and have to wait for Paige Cabanilla, who produced the movie, to get back to me before I know what the costs associated will actually be.

The 13th Cross: I’ve written a shit load of pages for the first draft of this movie. In the end we were hoping for 90 pages, but I’m already on page 93, and am not even in the 3rd act yet, so….. It’s gonna be a long edit process. The positive thing though, is that I submitted the first 50 pages to my writing group and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. I’ll be done with the full first draft by the end of next week at the rate I’m going. So that’s all good news.

48 Hour Short Film Project: A friend of mine from film school met with me yesterday, asking me if I wanted to work with him on a 48 hour film competition that should be taking place some time in March. I would be Directing and Writing, and he would be the Director of Photography, but we would create the project together. I said “sure”, and I have an outline for a short film. We’ll see what happens.


Financial Stuff

Not sure if I said this before, but I am still technically an employee at FedEx. Anyway, I did have to fill in for a guy last week, so that’ll give me a few extra dollars. I may have to ask for a few more days per month, since I’m hemorrhaging money more than I thought I would be (overspending by about 100 dollars/month). I’ll be okay at this rate for about 6 months, but I’m considering getting some cushion money.

As far as taxes are concerned, I’m waiting on Schweiss to meet with a tax guy for Geekdom, and to tell me how to claim shit on my taxes.


The Album

I haven’t heard back from my band mates in a while. They are busy with their families, and that is to be expected. Like I said before, this is a no-pressure sort of goal. I’ll record when they want to, I’m not becoming a musician.


The Godzilla Podcast

Everything is on track, but there have been a couple of changes for this one.

First, the show is getting a lot bigger than I ever thought, so I have shamefully changed the Patreon goals to match mine and Drew’s changing lifestyles.

Second, Drew can’t record on Sundays anymore so I have to meet with him during the week instead, which we’ve done one day so far and seems to work just fine. My biggest problem with the change though, is that I’ve lost one of my writing days because of it. Oh well, I’ll just have to adjust.

Third, I have reached out to every person we owe Patreon episodes to, and will hopefully be clearing those babies up in the next 2 months. We don’t want what we have on Ultima right now….


Ultima Final Fantasy

What I found out last week is that the Patreon record-keeping for UFF is a complete mess. Only searching for Patreon invites we owed people, Kaleb and I wrote down the names of 12 people we owed episodes to. Hopefully that number becomes 10 (one person said they didn’t want to come on, and another is scheduled for this Saturday), but that basically means we need to bump up to once-a-month to cover these guys by the end of the weekly run (oh, which is totally what we decided to do).

I hope to be able to sit down with Schweiss and go over EVERY PERSON on Patreon, and update the spreadsheet we have with everyone’s stickers, dedications, and mugs. Pain in the butt. I wish Patreon’s back end were better for record keeping, but it’s not. Sorry guys. We’ll catch up someday.

With our new end-goal in sight, I had to make a list of all the episodes we planned to do in the future, and sat down with Schweiss to make a loose episode plan that included reviewing the books, TV shows, Comics, and radio dramas we had yet to hit. After getting a comprehensive list, I went through the internet to find what ones were translated into English. I can say right now that we have a solid game plan for finishing the weekly show with a seriously robust year. Right now I’m on chapter 10 of the FFVII novel (newly translated by Lifestream.net) “TURKS: The Kids Are Alright”.



I haven’t slacked entirely since I last wrote a blog, but there certainly hasn’t been anything major. I did check Youtube Red (not an option), added Hogib to the Hog Status tab, and used a combination of my new Zoom H1 and Skype to record 2 interviews, but I thought I’d have more done by now. In any case, all of the Patreon talk above has me worried. I’ve never checked the status of Nude Clan Patreon hand outs… I don’t even want to know what we owe people.

Oh, actually, I did come up with a chorus for Troy Cavernah’s song… More coming soon….


What Really Pisses Me Off

I think that’s it for the major updates.

Now I get to bitch.

Look, I’m pretty used to getting criticism by now, so this stuff shouldn’t bother me, but there’s been a lot of talk around about how I “don’t seem to want to do UFF anymore”, how I “Should just quit [Nude] Clan since you seem to have problems playing the long games”. You can call me annoying, unintelligent, lazy, ugly, or whatever you want, in-fact I would agree with all of those things, but you cannot say that I don’t “care” about these shows.

Here’s the thing. I’m a quitter. I quit things when I feel like they’re a waste of time. I quit a 200 mile hike because I found out in the first two nights that I couldn’t handle being wet and alone in the woods for a long period of time. I quit Super Sexy Swingin’ Fan Fiction when I grew a conscious. And I basically quit FedEx as soon as I got the money I needed. Believe me, if I didn’t care about the shows, and if I didn’t like to do them, I WOULD NOT BE DOING THEM.

I’m here. Look. I just read 5 chapters of an FFVII novel before typing up this update because I like doing the shows.

It may seem like I’m complaining more than usual lately, but I promise you that was due to FedEx taking up my time more than anything else. I would have hoped that one would notice a difference in the type of complaints from during FedEx, to the last 5 weeks. Yes, UFF is going to go from weekly to review-only (IN A YEAR!), and a lot of that has to do with us WANTING TO MAKE THE SHOW GREAT. We don’t want to be like another FF podcast that hasn’t had a damn thing to talk about for years. And, by the way, I’ve ALWAYS complained about playing bad games. The difference between playing Digimon Cyber Sluthe Hacker Memorandumdumdingdong is that at least Armored Core 4A, Bounty Hunter, and New Nightmare were SHORT! I want short games so I can focus on all of the different games without feeling like I should be doing something more productive.

Honestly, if you’re a fan of the show, you should know by now that there’s a certain showmanship going on with the complaining anyway. Me screaming at Craig about Digimon is supposed to be entertaining. Hell, if you need something to tell you when I’m being deadly serious and when I’m not, listen to hear if Schweiss and Cameron are laughing. They know me. They know when I’m doing it for entertainment and when I’m not. For a counter example of when I was being deadly serious, listen to whatever UFF episode I was on where I was legit depressed about working at FedEx and not having any energy. That’s the real “I can’t do this show anymore” complaint. The only one. And the thing causing that complaint has passed.

More evidence to the assholes who claim this: Remember that I said I probably wasn’t even gonna be on Nude Clan for 6 weeks during the holidays, but I came anyway (albeit, tired and pissy)? Remember? You think I did that because I didn’t like doing the podcast??? FUCK YOU!! What are you, fucking stupid? I was working 65-80 hours of a manual labor job, and would come home to collapse on my bed. MAYBE I had enough energy to watch a movie, asshole. So no, I didn’t play Shadow of Mordor, and no I didn’t want Digimon to win because I didn’t have time for it. But I still came. And I came because I love doing the show. THE SHOW. THE FUCKING SHOW. Yes, I have some priorities that go above the podcasts. Feel free to listen to another podcast if that bothers you, I don’t need you to listen to mine.

Alright. bitch-session done. Here’s the updated to-do list. After 13th cross is finished I think I’ll take a week off from writing to plow through some of the big ones, so stay tuned.

  • Godzilla Patreon Record-Keeping Update
    • Stickers
    • Invites
  • UFF Patreon Record-Keeping Update
    • Stickers
    • Dedication
    • Mugs
    • Invites
  • Twitch GIFs
  • Switch all Paypal links to Geekdom
  • Switch Skype
  • Get a Gamecube
  • Get an XBox 1
  • Get a second SM58 for Interviews at home
    • Figure out how to record on skype at home
  • Get a Zoom H1 for Godzilla/Home recording
  • Record Nude Clan Jingles:
    • What has everyone been playing?
    • News
    • Episode Feedback
    • Game Review
    • Movie Review
    • Getting PHAT
  • Record Patreon-owed songs:
    • Troy Cavernah
  • Create Professional-looking streaming screens
    • Joe
    • Kaleb C
    • Kaleb S
  • Create “Waiting for” videos
    • Kaleb C
  • Upload ALL Episodes to Youtube
    • Nude Clan
      • Organize Playlists
    • UFF
      • Organize Playlists
    • Godzilla
      • Organize Playlists
    • Dave Mustaine’s Metal Minute
      • Organize Playlists
    • Puff Puff Hour
      • Organize Playlists
    • Getting PHAT
      • Organize Playlists
    • Make Super Playlist for all of Geekdom Entertainment
  • Libsyn App:
    • Make an Android Developer Account
    • Create Artwork for Libsyn App
  • Investigate Youtube Red Requirements
  • Read Web Marketing Book
  • Teepublic stores:
    • Create UFF Store
      • Upload Artwork
    • Create Godzilla Store
      • Get Artwork for at least 2 T-Shirt Designs
        • Upload Artwork
    • Create Puff Puff Store
      • Upload Artwork
  • Website Changes:
    • Create duplicate tabs to pop up when hovering over categories
    • Link for Hog ib
  • Get Puff Puff guys to make a Patreon
    • Set up other ways to support Puff Puff
      • Amazon
      • Paypal
  • Learn how to make an RSS feed using media on the site
  • Update 2017 Hog Leaderboard
  • Update 2016 Game List
  • Update 2017 Game List
  • Look into creating a geekdom wikia or game score list on the site
  • Create an Episode Schedule Checklist
    • Create an Episode Schedule Checklist Graphic for streams
  • Record UFF Megadeth Cover
    • Drums
    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Vocals
    • Lead

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  1. ChaseVsGame says:

    I am in support of Joe. You ain’t no complainer. You’re a showman. The shows are not being hampered and everyone should understand that we do not pay you living wages, so we expect you to have a life. Lol

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