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Building [Nude]Clan: Necessary Adjustments

Aaand I’m back.

Almost 2 weeks of living as a broke artist living at my parents house and I’m happy to say I’ve gotten a lot of things done.

Movie Projects

I wrote a 24 page treatment of a movie called “The 13th Cross”, and showed that around to a bunch of my movie buddies. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive (which is not normal), so I’m going ahead with a rough draft, which I’m on page 8 of as of today. This will be my 6th Screenplay, and for the first time I can say that I don’t think it’s horrible.

Something I might try after finishing this script is writing a 15 minute video game campaign for a rail shooter and seeing if I can get a gig as a scenario writer for these VR companies that are popping up. I’m not against having a day job if that day job is a creative one.

Financial Stuff

Money-wise, I’ve taken the money I saved up (5 grand), and I’ve locked it up into a CD, so that unless I have a medical emergency, I won’t touch it until July 17th. Last time I was unemployed for so long, my savings slowly dwindled away. I’d like to avoid that temptation this time. I have about a grand outside of that that will need to be stretched pretty far if I’m gonna make this work, so I gotta be diligent from now on about spending money on things I don’t NEED. This, to Kaleb Craig’s horror, includes actually calculating the amount of gas money he owes me if I’m the one who drops him off or picks him up on Sunday.

The Album

I’m working on my friend Doug’s schedule since he has a nightmare job and has his son on the weekends, but my old drummer did have me come over one day last week to start laying down guitar parts for the old songs we want to keep. This was a blast, and we got a lot done for a four hour session. I even added a pretty sweet guitar solo to the song who’s bridge I always thought was too short.

The Godzilla Podcast

Drew and I actually recorded when we said we were going to, and put out our War of the Gargantuas episode on time. Then this week, we watched the very dull Latitude Zero. So long as our Sundays line up, we’ll have our 2 January Godzilla episodes out, no problem.

We do owe 3 people Patreon invites, and only have one of them schedualed for February 18th… I better get on that…

Ultima Final Fantasy

Lately, the idea of pursuing a film career and having TWO weekly podcasts has been gnawing at me. I know that as soon as, let’s say, The 13th Cross starts filming, I’ll be MIA for about a month. If things go well, and I get other on-set stuff, it’ll only get worse. Thus, my two shows that have ending points must end sooner rather than later.

We haven’t made any decisions, but I proposed to Schweiss the possibility of ending the weekly FF show on our 5th anniversary (May, 2019), and to beat all of the TRUE Final Fantasy games (those with Final Fantasy in the title) before that date. Then the show would go to a Godzilla Podcast format and the rest of the episodes would be review episodes done at a convenient time. To be honest, Schweiss is a little lukewarm on the idea, and doesn’t want to let listeners down. Nevertheless, we are changing the gaming order to match this schedule, and have pushed the Mana games to the end of the list before Kingdom Hearts takes over. With Nude Clan I can skip an episode and the show will go on. Not so with UFF, and thus I believe it needs to be reigned in. But we’ll see.

With this in mind, I took the list of games we had left, went on HowLongtoBeat.com and put down the times, cushioned the numbers a bit for human error, and came up with the high estimate of the amount of time I would have to play each week in order to finish the weekly version of the show by May of 2019.

Turns out that there are 17 or 18 games left depending on how we view Dissidia, and if I went with my initial goal of 17 FF games this year, we’d be done before  the bow-tying fifth anniversary… So part of me doesn’t want to do the 17 anymore. In any case, the number I calculated for that was about 10-11 Hours per week, which isn’t a ton if I only had one video game podcast, but I have two.

The more realistic May of 2019 number took me to 6-7 hours a week, which was a relief, let me tell ya. If moving forward I only needed to have 6 1/2 hours of game time on my file each week, I might start doing a “Final Fantasy Friday” thingy where I get all my UFF game time done in one day. This is very tempting to me, and I’m going to convince Schweiss that this is the right thing to do, and abandon the “17 games” thing.

On a different note, one of the 8 patreon episodes we owed was taken care of on Sunday when we interviewed the wonderful Darth Joumu.

Nude Clan

Awe, the headliner show. For one week I kept on the daily checklist I had pretty well. I think I asked 5 people for interviews, got responses for 2, and ended up only interviewing one (Lycan of Light, a friend of the show). I kept good watch of the response activity and came up with a realization. Most importantly the posts are working, and despite only having 77 twitter followers, we’re getting A TON of twitter activity. The issue is though, that most of the activity will be for only two, maybe 3 posts, and the other two will be ignored. My next step is to figure out what times I put out the most active tweets, and to only do two daily NC tweets at strategic times to get the most bang for my buck in terms of preparation.

Something that wasn’t on the checklist was the fact that all of the sites (UFF, NC, SUPER) were behind on posts since Schweiss and I started working at out winter Postal jobs. My biggest project last week was updating all of those damn things and running maintenance on them.

Although that was the biggest thing, there were a few items I checked off the list. I set up a Geekdom Wikia, http://geekdomentertainment.wikia.com, which I’m sure will remain dead for years, but it’s there if you want to edit it. I got Schweiss to finally get the shows to pay for a replacement Zoom H1 recorder (the shows have been using mine for YEARS). And last, but not least, I did some research on using our own site to host our podcast feeds, and found it was an overwhelmingly bad idea. So much for saving a few bucks, guess we’re sticking with Libsyn.

Oh and I set up a streaming calendar for Twitch which I failed to use.

Next Week

My biggest problem has been juggling writing with playing video games for the shows. My gaming schedule was set in stone for the first week and went all over the place for week 2. I was writing in the morning and then gaming in the afternoon, but that’s proving to be irksome, and I’ll often put the writing away for the gaming, and the gaming away for the writing. Instead of splitting my daily time, I think I’m gonna try splitting my weekly time. If I can get Final Fantasy Fridays going, it’ll keep the gaming head-space segmented in a way that I can control and not feel like I should be doing something else. If I have an episode to plan, I can do it right after the 7 hour stream and have a complete and successful work day.

When it comes to Nude Clan, I think I want to start writing the Social Media posts once a week and schedule them all out. Like making Friday a Final Fantasy day, I can make Saturday a Nude Clan day. I’ll play whatever game I’m on, then I’ll plan an episode if I need to, I’ll create 10 social media posts, and invite 5 people for interviews. Plus, since it’s a Saturday, if the other guys wanna do something after, it’ll line up quite nicely. Chunking off the week like that will give me the option to wake up, work out, eat breakfast, and force myself to write 10 pages before I do anything else for the day. When I have gaming scheduled, I mess up my writing time. Mostly, I use it as an excuse to stop the mental torment of writing… “I’m behind in Tactics, I better not write today”.

Let me know your questions/concerns via the comment box below. I’d love to hear your feedback.

To do list update:

  • Switch all Paypal links to Geekdom
  • Switch Skype
  • Get a Gamecube
  • Get an XBox 1
  • Get a second SM58 for Interviews at home
    • Figure out how to record on skype at home
  • Get a Zoom H1 for Godzilla/Home recording
  • Record Nude Clan Jingles:
    • What has everyone been playing?
    • News
    • Episode Feedback
    • Game Review
    • Movie Review
    • Getting PHAT
  • Record Patreon-owed songs:
    • Troy Cavernah
  • Create Professional-looking streaming screens
    • Joe
    • Kaleb C
    • Kaleb S
  • Create “Waiting for” videos
    • Kaleb C
  • Upload ALL Episodes to Youtube
    • Nude Clan
      • Organize Playlists
    • UFF
      • Organize Playlists
    • Godzilla
      • Organize Playlists
    • Dave Mustaine’s Metal Minute
      • Organize Playlists
    • Puff Puff Hour
      • Organize Playlists
    • Getting PHAT
      • Organize Playlists
    • Make Super Playlist for all of Geekdom Entertainment
  • Libsyn App:
    • Make an Android Developer Account
    • Create Artwork for Libsyn App
  • Investigate Youtube Red Requirements
  • Read Web Marketing Book
  • Teepublic stores:
    • Create UFF Store
      • Upload Artwork
    • Create Godzilla Store
      • Get Artwork for at least 2 T-Shirt Designs
        • Upload Artwork
    • Create Puff Puff Store
      • Upload Artwork
  • Website Changes:
    • Create duplicate tabs to pop up when hovering over categories
    • Link for Hog ib(?)
  • Get Puff Puff guys to make a Patreon
    • Set up other ways to support Puff Puff
      • Amazon
      • Paypal
  • Learn how to make an RSS feed using media on the site
  • Update 2017 Hog Leaderboard
  • Update 2016 Game List
  • Update 2017 Game List
  • Look into creating a geekdom wikia or game score list on the site
  • Create an Episode Schedule Checklist
    • Create an Episode Schedule Checklist Graphic for streams
  • Record UFF Megadeth Cover
    • Drums
    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Vocals
    • Lead

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