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Building [Nude]Clan: Prelude

This is a weekly update about the state of Geekdom Entertainment that I hope to do once a week from now on:

This week I made some adjustments to my 2018 plan. First, I’m staying on at FedEx in a very Part Time capacity INSTEAD of getting a night job. As in, maybe one day a week at FedEx to fill in for guys who ask for days off in advance. This gives me the freedom to do what I want to do, and if I’m in a bind, those guys literally ALWAYS need drivers. On top of that, if I stay on for a while, my future resume won’t have a bunch of short spurt jobs in a row, and should help my future employment prospects should all of this go to hell.

After January 13th (my last day working full-time for FedEx), I have the following Schedule in mind:

7AM: Work out and get ready for the day

8AM – 2PM: Go to the Library and Write

2PM: Lunch

3PM – 9PM: Work on Podcast Stuff

Tuesday and Sunday will be the odd days out though (as will days I decide to make a few bucks delivering packages), since those are the two days I have to drive down and do podcasts and maybe record with the ‘ol band.

Yes, this means most days of the week I’ll be working on Podcasts for 6 hours. The reason is this: I don’t really have any other choice. I want podcasts to be my day job, and the only way that can happen is if I take even more time out to do more with the shows than just play the games. Podcasts and writing are becoming my duel full-time jobs. Which of course means that my number 1 priority, as far as the shows are concerned, is to make them bigger and make them make more money.

As a hobby that I didn’t take money from, the podcasts grossing a couple hundred bucks a months was jolly good, and helped pay for special podcast-related things like going to Kupocon. As a job though, we need to be making about $5,000 a month total for me to be able to move back out of my parents’ house with my portion. Some could take this post as some kind of pressure to up their Patreon Donation or buy T-Shirts, but it’s not (I’m not stopping you though…). Instead, it’s a public promise to you that I’m going to do as much as I can to grow the shows and open up new opportunities for income.

Growing Nude Clan Listenership:

To the beginner pod-caster this may seem like a huge mystery, but it’s really not. What it does take is work. Here’s what I’ve found to be the most important things when growing a podcast:

First, putting out regular episodes (UFF and Nude are pro in this respect) that listeners can rely on. Download counts steadily increase for weekly shows, not so much for randomly releasing shows (we know this based on our Super Sexy and Godzilla numbers).

Second, having on great guests with a following. I’ve found shows because of the guests that were on them (I found lots of shows because Paul Scheer was on as a guest–James Bonding, one of my favorites, being one of them).

Third, being great guests on other shows. We got a HUGE bump on UFF from when LBR put our Aniero interview onto their feed. They basically forced their listeners to try us out, and I know for a fact MANY people found UFF through those two episodes.

Frankly, first and third probably have the most impact. Unfortunately, you do have to be asked onto someone else’s show, and that’s something you can’t control. However, since I’ll be basically unemployed soon, I have almost no reason to say no to being a podcast guest (and I have had to say no before). Look, if you ask me to come on after January 13th, I’ll come on.

Godzilla is gonna have to be whipped into shape when it comes to regular content. Soon we’ll be recording on Tuesdays, which gels with Drew’s and mine’s sleep schedule a little better, and I’ve made it my New Years resolution to put out 24 Godzilla Podcast Episodes this year. Although I don’t have the numbers to back this up, I believe regular content will be helpful for keeping a listener from unsubscribing. Thus, playing games ON TIME for reviews on both UFF and Nude are now a huge priority. Once again, easier without the job.

This gets me to having guest on. We’re hoping for interviews twice-a-month, roughly 20 minutes each, with content creators and people associated with the gaming industry. This will give them a chance to share their expertise and have our audience give them a shot, while also giving us a shot at gaining some of their followers who listen to the episode they’re interviewed on. Besides getting the games done on time, this will be my biggest focus. On our shared google drive, I have a spreadsheet called the “Interview Wish List” that Cameron and I have begun to fill out; basically we’ll be working from smaller communities to hopefully bigger communities as we attempt to contact these people for interviews, and it will be my job to once-a-day reach out to a new person on the list. Which reminds me, if you have a gaming related content creator, or are in the video game industry in some way, please fill out my contact form 🙂

On top of growing the show in those ways, I hope to create a bigger social media presence and increase fan interaction overall. This week I worked to create a Twitter Account for Nude Clan (which because of it’s broader appeal I’m pushing more than the other shows), as well as an Instagram, Tumblr, and Soundcloud account for broader reach. I also set up a free account with the service “Buffer” which allows you to time posts to go out on multiple platforms. I tested this yesterday, and it’s working great (with the exception of me being logged into my personal Instagram account a couple times). I also added more social media stuff to our Twitch pages, and am trying to wrap my brain around that whole platform right now. On a side note, I also created this waiting screen for Twitch which I’m quite proud of:

Making More Money:

More listeners basically equates to more money, but I want to be sure we have as many options open to fit each listener. We have Audible, Patreon, Amazon, Dreamhost, and Twitch Subscriptions open, and it’s up to me to find ways of reminding people that those things exist in a non-evasive or annoying way. When it comes to the Twitter, for example, I’m opting for an 80/20 split with what posts are made specifically for advertising and what are made to entertain our listeners. 80% will be for the listeners, 20% will be for advertising (like a shirt design or something). Some Social Media Guru on Youtube said to do this, so I’m taking his advice and running with it.

Other ways to get the word out may include small Twitch stream reminders, but I have to talk to the other guys about that. Also, making the plugs part of the show shorter so people will be less likely to skip it (I’m sure they do now, and I wouldn’t blame them).

Other things I’m currently looking into is having a paywall for old content via Patreon or an Android app, or maybe even a membership-only website. Plenty of other podcasts do this, so if we did decide to create a paywall, I’m hoping the revolt will be manageable…

So there you have it

This is the state of the shows. I’m creating a list of to-do’s I hope to update each time I do this blog. I also have my daily tasks to be performed after January 13th that’ll be done before I do large chunks of game streaming on Twitch. Thanks for reading, here’s the list if you care to look it over. Let me know your concerns via the comments below:

2018 Geekdom Entertainment Super Checklist

A list to be added to throughout the year of 2018


Daily Tasks:

  1. Respond to Emails
  2. Ensure site is up-to-date
  3. Respond to 3 forum posts
  4. Have 5 [Nude] Clan social media posts timed to go throughout the day, all with asks
    1. A poll
    2. A funny meme
    3. A video (trailer or Twitch Clip)
    4. A behind-the-scenes thingy
    5. An advertisement
  5. Respond to personal Social Media posts
  6. Have at least 1 personal Social Media post to share
  7. Ask at least 1 person for an interview
  8. Add someone to the wish-list
  9. Stream a game or two


To do list:

  • Get a Gamecube
  • Get an XBox 1
  • Get a second SM58 for Interviews at home
    • Figure out how to record on skype at home
  • Get a Zoom H1 for Godzilla/Home recording
  • Record Nude Clan Jingles:
    • What has everyone been playing?
    • News
    • Episode Feedback
    • Game Review
    • Movie Review
    • Getting PHAT
  • Record Patreon-owed songs:
    • Troy Cavernah
  • Create Professional-looking streaming screens
    • Joe
    • Kaleb C
    • Kaleb S
  • Create “Waiting for” videos
    • Kaleb C
  • Upload ALL Episodes to Youtube
    • Nude Clan
      • Organize Playlists
    • UFF
      • Organize Playlists
    • Godzilla
      • Organize Playlists
    • Dave Mustaine’s Metal Minute
      • Organize Playlists
    • Puff Puff Hour
      • Organize Playlists
    • Getting PHAT
      • Organize Playlists
    • Make Super Playlist for all of Geekdom Entertainment
  • Libsyn App:
    • Make an Android Developer Account
    • Create Artwork for Libsyn App
  • Investigate Youtube Red Requirements
  • Read Web Marketing Book
  • Teepublic stores:
    • Create UFF Store
      • Upload Artwork
    • Create Godzilla Store
      • Get Artwork for at least 2 T-Shirt Designs
        • Upload Artwork
    • Create Puff Puff Store
      • Upload Artwork
  • Website Changes:
    • Create duplicate tabs to pop up when hovering over categories
    • Link for Hog ib(?)
  • Get Puff Puff guys to make a Patreon
    • Set up other ways to support Puff Puff
      • Amazon
      • Paypal
  • Learn how to make an RSS feed using media on the site
  • Update 2017 Hog Leaderboard
  • Update 2016 Game List
  • Update 2017 Game List
  • Look into creating a geekdom wikia or game score list on the site
  • Create an Episode Schedule Checklist
    • Create an Episode Schedule Checklist Graphic for streams
  • Record UFF Megadeth Cover
    • Drums
    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Vocals
    • Lead

3 thoughts on “Building [Nude]Clan: Prelude

  1. Andoverjon says:

    7am-9pm days eh? Sounds rough. Good luck for 2018. I always thought you guys should have a bigger following. Something that might help you gain broader appeal is reviewing a few games right when they come out. And big and or controversial games like COD WWII or Star Wars Battlefront 2. Just my two cents.

    1. We are looking into reviewing newer games, and we’ll probably test it out, knowing us. What sucks is the $125 for two new copies of a game to be beaten quickly (also our schedules), so we haven’t tried doing that quite yet. Thanks for the feedback. Don’t hold back, keep the cents coming.

      1. Andoverjon says:

        Yeah, I think you should do maybe just 2 a year if budget and time are tight. Like Red Dead2 in the first half, and then some big game at the end of year. Let me know if you want to do Red Dead. I can buy you guys 2 copies.

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