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It’s Time to Embrace the Digital Age

Throughout the years of Ultima Final Fantasy, and now the year of Nude Clan, whenever the subject of Physical vs. Digital in media came around, I would always side with the physical. There’s something about wanting to hold the physical object that you bought in your hands, flipping through the booklet, enjoying the artwork, and feeling like your hard earned money has been put into something you can touch. Because of this love for physical objects, through the rise of the digital age over the last few years , I have stuck to my guns and bought only physical media, piling up hundreds of physical books and movies and dozens of video games.

I remember when I first moved away from Utah County and went to live in a little mountain town called Ephraim to get away for a year, everything I owned was able to fit in my car… 3 years later and now it takes 4 trips every time I pick up and move to the new apartment or wherever. In the meantime my parent’s place has become a storage facility. Literally two stacks of books and other trinkets in boxes in a shed literally reach the ceiling. Half of these items I accrued in the last 6 years, the other half I haven’t touched since High-School.

As I near graduation from UVU, I begin to think of where the next adventure lies. I’m currently saving up money to go places in which I can’t take much with me. Not only will I not be putting the piles of media to use, I will be taking up my parent’s storage selfishly waiting for that day that I finally decide to “settle down” and get a place of my own. If I were really honest with myself though, hardly any of the things I’ve been collecting are really worth much, and instead of storing them indefinitely in my parent’s shed, they should go to people who will better put them to use.

I did buy my first ever digital movie with Entourage about a year ago, and since then have bought a kindle and have enjoyed reading much of the Harvard Classics on there, and just two days ago I bought my first Album on Mp3-only, Avenged Sevenfold’s The Stage. I find one part of me now pines for object permanence, but another part of me enjoys the ease of use. The kindle was easy, the movie was harder (since I like special features, and many digital-only movies more often have none), but the CD was the hardest. Once again though, I have to be honest with myself. I mostly bought physical CD’s for listening to in the car, where I had a CD player, and with Bluetooth connection coming standard in cars (I couldn’t stand the sound quality of the tape-player aux cord shit), why should I be so hell-bent on the CD? The games… Well, someday they’ll re-release the old games on Steam for cheap (or some equivalent platform) and I can enjoy them there.

After much thought, over many many months, I’ve finally decided that it’s time to embrace the digital age. I have far too much stuff, and everything I buy physically from now on needs to be quality, not quantity.

The following is what I plan to keep:

  • Clothes I actually wear
  • 1 Acoustic Guitar, 1 Electric (I have 3), and 1 bass with 1 amp for the electric ones
  • 2 seriously incredible collector’s books: The Lord of the Rings and The Godfather Notebook (I tried reading the digital copy, it’s terrible)
  • Select Criterion Collection Blu-Rays of movies I can’t transfer digitally
  • The consoles and games for what’s left to play for Ultima Final Fantasy, also my TV and PS4 (I’ll be buying games digitally from now on)
  • Yearbooks and select items of sentimentality (love letters, olympics pictures ect.) for prosperity, kept in a box
  • Film equipment for obvious reasons

And here’s what I plan to clear out and how:

  • Books: Besides the two amazing books listed above, I’m gonna clear out my books. I’ll give away books to family and friends who want them and donate the rest away. If I really want a book I’ll buy it again on Kindle.
  • CD’s: I’m gonna load my library up to Amazon music and give my CD’s to Kaleb Schweiss or whoever wants them.
  • Movies: Besides the unavailable Criterion movies, I’ll be using Vudu’s Disc to Digital service to get my collection digitally, and give out the rest.
  • Games: Consoles and games no longer needed for UFF will be given out to listeners of the shows and kept at Kaleb’s place.
  • Clothes: Donate all that I don’t wear.
  • Camping stuff: give to my parents to use as they see fit, that stuff can be useful sometimes, so I want access to it.
  • I also plan on getting rid of my desktop computer and getting a really nice gaming laptop for games on Nude Clan and Video Editing. The important thing is that it takes up less space.

Anyway guys, just posting this up here to announce it as a thing. It’s time to be realistic, and embrace the minimalism that comes with the digital age.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Embrace the Digital Age

  1. dylan says:

    You still have my blu-ray copy of The Exorcist. You should watch it, then give it back.

    1. I still have it… I wouldn’t get rid of a movie that doesn’t belong to me…

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