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Living in Oblivion – “Drunk Film School”

Well this was a cool little thing that I learned about yesterday:

Early this year I went to a UVU event called “Cineskype” to watch the film “Living in Oblivion” (which I LOVED–go buy it) and talk with the Director, Tom Dicillo about his process.

Not only was the movie fan-fucking-tastic, but Mr. Dicillo was as well. I asked him about how he expresses his vision to the crew, and how he deals with difficult people; most especially the Director of Photography (I had had some issues with this while directing some commercials).

Tom then went on to tell us a story about his troubles with his first Director of Photography, and how he had to eventually fire him. The parallels between the movie (which features an incredibly unstable D.P.) and Tom’s story only made the movie that much better. Anyway, I really admired his frankness with the whole thing and once again, he was fantastic.

After the event was over all of us were joking about how he seemed to have been lubed up a little bit. Frankly, we thought he had had a couple glasses of scotch before the Skype call. According to Duane Anderson (the guy putting on the event) though, he didn’t. So…

Tom Dicillo just acts drunk naturally? I don’t know, I’m thinking that wasn’t diet coke…

Somehow this got back to Tom, and now months down the road he’s put together this series of videos, taking footage from the skype call and cleverly editing in footage of himself getting hammered.

It’s a lot of fun, there’s a lot to learn from, and you can check out those videos on his blog (my question is featured in part 8):



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