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Mmmm… China Balls

This is Bryce Jensen’s short, Kisaragi Station, which I believe is based upon some story an anonymous user posted online somewhere… Anyway, the one and only reason I, and many others, wanted to get on this shoot was that Bryce somehow got permission to shoot on a real-life olde-time train….for free.

We got only one 2 hour window to shoot the scene in. We rigged the entire car with our own lights running on our own generator, and as one of the grips it was my job to take the cord attached to a China Ball on a stick and follow the camera (which also had an annoying long cord dragging under everyone’s feet) through the train.

There was a whole lot of tripping. The crew have been stumbling on top of one another in such close quarters anyway, but the train was rocking back and forth like crazy, making it a moving circus behind the camera. Needless to say, the sensitive little china ball had to be constantly repaired, and I have to confess that it did not survive the shoot.

I don’t know why in this finished product the contrast is so low, I think the color-grader could’ve done wonders with what we shot, visually, so I’m a bit disappointed to see such a washed-out image. Regardless, I’m gonna remember that awesome shoot.

Here’s the short:

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