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Speak of the Yeti

This is Willam Rowan’s mockumentary short called “Speak of the Yeti”. I was the Director of Photography on this project, and it includes one of my favorite things I’ve ever shot in it. Roughly 5 minutes in, there’s a moment where I swung the camera over to the other members of the crew and got a good close-up of Nick Ricci standing there staring into space. I love that shit.

I don’t think I was qualified to shoot this one, but William needed a D.P., and so I volunteered. We had two Sony Ex3’s (a camera I hate, although Nick swears by them), some china balls that William had gotten a hold of, and a reflector that we eventually just used to block out blue light coming from outside.

We kept one camera on sticks, and I took the other camera and did all of the handheld stuff myself. As far as the final footage is concerned, it’s the handheld stuff that stands out. If I were to shoot a mockumentary again, I would shoot it with two cameras, both handheld.

Of course, thanks to the EX3’s, footage off of one of the cameras was exposed incorrectly, and you can see that the still shots have an ugly high-contrast image that came from William trying to use what he could in post. Damn the Ex3’s.

Here’s his short, I love the bit after the 4:50 mark:

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  1. I need to cut in down to 3 and 1/2 mins or so.

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