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Cat! A Capitalist Tale…

This was another short film assignment for Duane Andersen’s class at UVU.

The challenge was to make a film without dialogue… And I kind of did that…

There was initially no dialogue when I shot it, but I wanted to add more clarity, so I did what I did with “Running Shoes” and I made it an old-fashioned silent movie with fake Russian and English subtitles dropped in. I also did hours and hours worth of work to get all of the filters to make it look like old Soviet film (this led to a massively long file export). I turned this particular short in late due to the all of the stress of working on “Pep Talk” (which I’ll write about soon), so I don’t know how well this would have been received by the class.

What I like about this short was the opportunity to shoot in that same make-it-up-as-you-go-along handheld zany style that I love. That and I got to delve in and make a fake-foreign movie spoof I’ve wanted to do for a while. Indeed, all of the subtitles are only funny to people who’ve watched foreign silent movies, and perhaps my obsession with killing cats is a similarly small niche, but you can find out for yourself:


One thought on “Cat! A Capitalist Tale…

  1. bluefields says:

    Wow, this was really something. I don’t know anything about filmmaking but I thought the handheld worked really well when paired with the actors activity. The Yeti film was mostly stationary actors and it was a little distracting that the camera moved so much but this followed Kaleb well. Soundtrack was spot on and the work you put into it was noticed.

    I especially loved the moments of humor from the shots alone. The buttcrack and bikini clad woman poster as you tracked Kaleb walking to the door. contradicts the genre of silent film so well, both of those shots made me laugh alot. When he wants to, Kaleb’s face has some good acting moments.

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