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“Melodies of Life” Cover by “Megadeth”

This is the sequel to the “Eyes on Me” cover that was such a hit with our listeners (although admittedly not much of a hit with Reddit users).

I worked much harder to get this one up. It took many months to finish it, and there were lots of road-blocks in the way. The biggest one being the fact that my drummer left me high-and-dry (the full story told in our Getting PHAT episode titled “Flakes”) in the middle of recording.

Basically I ripped off a whole bunch of riffs from the album “Rust in Peace” and got the original theme song for Final Fantasy IX down to E-Minor, which is pretty much the only key Megadeth plays in.

I spent weeks figuring out how I was gonna insert more guitar solos into the structure of the original song, what tempo it was gonna be and what riff was gonna be used when and for how many measures… Basically, this was a multi-month math problem that made “Eyes on Me” look like nothing. That is a much simpler song.

Here’s hoping if we ever meet UFF’s next Patreon goal, “Sutekida Ne” won’t be nearly as much trouble…

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