So the two guys who worked on this short with me–Nick Ricci and William Rowan–basically became my go-to guys this year, and this is the first thing we worked on together.

We were in our advanced film production class on day one and Duane Anderson (our professor) quickly introduced himself and  suddenly left the room, telling us that a short film was due next week with our group members.

We had lots of ideas, such as the cliche idea (I still love it) for a movie about us having no ideas. When we separated, the others came up with an idea for a lady in a mental hospital who kills herself. It would be horror-ish movie, a genre I am not at all comfortable filming. That being the case, I opted not to direct (I was going to, had it been in any other genre), and Nick and I switched roles. I would be the Director of Photography, and he would be Director. The other guys got the location all squared away, and I brought my camera to the small shoot.

We shot up against a window, which almost always gives great lighting, and we got all of the shots Nick wanted. My request at the end was to get some hand-held shots to give them room in editing. This turned out to be great, as the handheld stuff counters the stillness of Nick’s chosen shots nicely.

Here ya go:

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