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Being a Terrible Assistant Director

This is a student shoot I helped out on. It’s a Band of Brothers’ scene remake with Kees Limberg in the Director’s chair. Usually when I volunteer for projects I go for something with the least amount of responsibility, but for this one I was the Assistant Director. For those of you who don’t know, the AD is basically the set manager, moving people and resources around and trying to keep everyone on set on schedule.

They are the assholes.

What’s different about this shoot, as opposed to every other shoot I’ve been on, was that the set and lights were already set up (I loved the set, I wish I knew who put it together, it was in Kees’s garage), and the actors were so ready that literally all I did was stand there and said “yep, we’re on time”. Now, what is missing here is the little part where I thought the wrap time was 11PM, and it was actually 10PM… This didn’t turn into anything other than when we got done shooting at 11PM, Kees looked at me when he found out the time and asked “why didn’t you say anything?” Yep, a bit embarrassing.

Other than sit around and get in the way of people who were doing real work, I did drop the bottle in the bottle close-up, and I also helped fan the fog machine (used to make it look dusty). I also transported some apple juice (as opposed to liquor) to the actor a couple times. It became amusing how many times that guy had to pee that night.

It seems to me that the edit that you see below was perhaps a bit rushed, and the color-grading doesn’t really reflect how amazing the set looked. Something that Kees does is try a whole bunch of different angles, which I did find frustrating on the day, but it allowed for some really cool shots, and perhaps they just had too many choices. Hey, if you got the time, do it. You may find something cool.

Unfortunately, we didn’t actually have the time…

Here’s the scene:

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