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“Eyes on Me” cover by “Megadeth”

Given the fact that it takes Metallica like 12 years to make an album, starting in 2014 I began borrowing the rival band Megadeth’s CD’s from my friend and UFF co-host, Kaleb Schweiss. It took some warming up, but after going through “Countdown to Extinction” and “Rust in Peace” a few times, I was hooked.

Singing loudly along in my car while out on Pizza Deliveries, I began to develop quite the Dave Mustaine impression.

Now it had been years since I’d written a song, but recently I’d learned how and had the equipment to do home recordings using my Computer and Podcasting equipment. The opportunity to use it came with the idea Schweiss and I joked about, where Megadeth would cover a whole bunch of songs like “Gandam Style” and “Bananas”. Whatever the song, if it were recorded in Megadeth-style, it would be better… And what song needs more improvement than the FF8 theme song “Eyes on Me”?

As a treat to our listeners I grinded away for 2 months making this recording in secret. I made up a riff that ripped-off Megadeth’s famous song “Trust”, and tried my best to make it sound like something straight out of Countdown to Extinction. We put it up during our Final Fantasy VIII review on UFF, and it was a pretty big hit with our listeners, many requesting ways to download the song.

What’s hilarious is if you see some of the Youtube and Reddit comments, there are people who legitimately think this is a genuine Megadeth Cover:

God this song stinks.

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