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(Not) Learning from Stanley Kubrick

With Ang Lee and “Brokeback Bakery” I actually learned a lot… Not so much with the scene I took from “The Shining”, “Give me the Shark”.

First off, Kaleb Craig was being a pain in the ass that day, and didn’t want to do multiple takes (Kubrick did like 120 for this scene, c’mon Kaleb), and the script was made on the spot so Schweiss didn’t really have time to memorize the thing. Kubrick did the stairway part of the scene with only two camera moves, with a telephoto lens, and there just wasn’t enough room in Schwiess’s town-home to do that.

So, this is what we got. On top of all that, the color was bad (so I made it black and white), and there were problems with the sound editing (Adobe Audition wouldn’t export to Premier), so the end result is a bit rough, but here it is.

If only we could afford a stunt-man…

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