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Introducing Banooli from Nerf!

If it weren’t for that goddamn spelling mistake…

I’ve been bad at spelling my entire life, and I felt terrible about this since I started writing screenplays (I’m sure there have been spelling errors mixed in with some grammatical goofs within this blog). I felt that way, until I heard an interview with Quentin Tarantino explaining that he too couldn’t spell worth a damn.

If Quentin’s okay with it, I am too.

Kaleb Schweiss made his first appearance in my videos here. He knew I made these stupid little shorts all of the time, and he had to make a commercial for a class of his. His project for the class was selling a toy gun called “Banooli” for Nerf (not a real product), and we decided to create a Saving Private Ryan adjacent short with Nerf guns (the idea of which is still funny to me).

All was good, until I fucked up on the spelling of “Truly”, but Kaleb’s class still liked it, I guess. Here’s the video:

And here’s the blooper reel:

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