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Special effects take too much effort

Special effects take too much effort…At least, for me.

People have been doing their own Light-Saber SFX since the beginning of time, it seems. Being heartily jealous of the very very cool effects in videos created by some of my friends (Andrew Scott James and Billy Root), I wanted to create my own, now that Adobe After Effects was available to me during my first semester at UVU.

As it was, I was in the throws of a fight-scene obsession, so I got my friends together (after church, thus the tie) and we made a Star Wars fan film…

There were things I wanted to improve after doing “Praying Mantis Fist”. Mostly I wanted to have someone besides Mr. Kaleb Craig to fight against the more patient and flexible Dylan. That way we could actually do some choreography, and in that way it does show, I think. Dylan and I planned out what to do a couple moves at a time before shooting it. Kaleb was behind the camera on this one, and tried his best to control Dylan’s iPhone while I told him what to do.

One might wonder why after all the talk of SFX and Light-Sabers that there’s no SFX in the video… I went to Snow College.

In-fact, I had, frame-by-mother-fucking-frame, put in Light-Sabers for half the video, and exhausted I put the video away for a couple months. In that time I decided to switch schools and I found to my utter disappointment that although Snow college had After Effects, their version was behind that of UVU…a two-hour drive away.

Frustrated by the fact that I had worked my ass off on that video, I decided to just publish the damn thing in it’s raw form. The USB with the project may still exist somewhere, but I still don’t wanna deal with it. So now you have to deal with this:


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