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Another found footage movie

This is “The Red Death”, a movie I made early in purgatory in celebration of my friend Andrew’s returning from an LDS mission. It’s the least-edited Home Movie of mine at 15 minutes long, which was on purpose (we wanted it to look real right?). Special thanks to...
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Obsession (pt. 1)

I plan on doing a comprehensive study on what was shortly after High School my all-time favorite movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The beauty of the fight scenes, the drama, the incredible ending… Oh man, I gotta watch that movie now. Anyway, I wanted to try to do...
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Special effects take too much effort

Special effects take too much effort…At least, for me. People have been doing their own Light-Saber SFX since the beginning of time, it seems. Being heartily jealous of the very very cool effects in videos created by some of my friends (Andrew Scott James and Billy Root), I...
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