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This was our first attempt at something serious, and probably our first attempt at outlining before we filmed–not that it made the movie any better. I say “our” because I can’t remember who in the group had the idea for the story of “Memories”, but it most certainly was not me, though I do remember getting a piece of paper and planning it out as a group.

There are a couple of things that I wanna point out about this one; first off, those were real crank-calls, and there’s a moment (roughly 3:49) where the fake laughing became real laughing, and is a good memory to have caught on film. Second, despite the roughness of the filming, I still love the ending, and we used the gravestone of a passed-away family member of one of the crew, which adds a tinge of sadness to this one.

For years this was my least-favorite thing I’d made back in the day. I thought it was too sappy or something. But hey, we tried something new, right?

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