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Oh Boy. Pokemon.

I’m trying to start this blog cataloging all my various creative endeavors in somewhat of a chronological order, and sometimes I come across projects I completely forgot about.

I’ve made music videos before, but for the sake of not embarrassing my dear friend Doug Jenkins too much, I won’t be posting them any time soon. But this here was a group project between Billy Root, Garth Daybell (cousin to Drew from the Godzilla Podcast), and Myself. We recorded my band in high-school playing our own songs, and did some creative editing around other footage I had shot using our friends and Garth’s Pokemon toys to create a tribute to our elementary school selves. Anyone who was anyone was obsessed with Pokemon circa ’98.

Billy and I edited the thing back and forth, and then Billy added a random fucking scene near the end that I kind-of regret letting him keep (you’ll see it).

This is a lot of fun for me to watch and look back at, that’s for sure.

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