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Once You Go Fat, You Never Go Back

We all gotta start somewhere, right?

Welcome to my ninth-grade introduction to the “video” mode of my parent’s consumer-grade digital camera.

Ever since I was ten years old, when I saw the behind-the-scenes featurette for Jurassic Park on the special edition VHS, I wanted to become Steven Spielberg. I wanted to make movies. My parents knew this and at one point bought me a VHS-C Panasonic Video Camera when I was a kid. I was obsessed with making little shorts on the camera (mostly filming them alone), shooting myself being chased by the dog while spoofing the Crocodile Hunter, making little “horror” movies with my friend Dylan, and overall just shoving my camera in people’s faces wherever I went.

Despite buying me the camera, my parents were always about six years behind when it came to consumer technology. Although I had a video camera, I had no access to the equipment necessary for editing the footage I shot (a VHS recorder with another VHS player, or some device for scanning the footage from the tapes to edit on the computer). This process taught me to edit in-camera, and it wasn’t until I was in ninth-grade, when my parents finally decided to break down and get a laptop and a digital camera (they still haven’t upgraded the camera, this was in ’07 folks) that I had access to a knock-off non-linear editing system.

The day I finally figured out how to use that stuff was the day I made the last scene of this short (which I tacked onto the end of footage shot not much later). I did this for Mr. Hendricks’s film class taught at Springville High School.

A couple of things to note: I was still used to editing in-camera, so all of the shots were filmed in-sequence and just crunched together. You can see in the first scene of the movie (shot later) that I had finally figured out non-linear editing, what with all the flashing back and forth. Like all of my movies from High School, the shots and lines and stories were all made up on the spot, all with the singular purpose of making my friends laugh. At one point I wanted to write a full-length movie based on the I-Am-Legend-of-Fat-People concept, so there are whole other plot-lines and scenes shot around this short, but this is the best version.

Anyway, enjoy!

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